Paul Darcy Testimonial

When I was young I unfortunately broke my two front teeth. I did have them repaired but after they broke for a second time, a lack of confidence prevented me from getting them fixed again.

My new dentist advised me that my bite was a problem and would prevent a successful cosmetic treatment to repair my teeth. I was advised that some orthodontics to put my teeth into the correct position was needed before my teeth could be properly fixed. He sent me to see Dr. Wolstencroft who explained what needed to be done. I had fixed braces for 20 months which prepared my teeth for veneers. At each stage in the process I could see drastic improvements to my teeth. Dr Wolstencroft and his staff were always friendly, helpful and always put me at ease when attending. Having finished treatment now I am very happy with the results and would encourage anyone in a similar position to seek treatment to restore your confidence.


Dental Team
(Consultant Orthodontist. Dr. S.Wolstencroft)
(Dental Surgeon. Dr. P. Crotty)